Etta Carignani, the sponsor of the Italian W20




Etta Carignani was Italian National President AIDDA 1996 (two terms 6 years) and Vice President FCEM, European President and also Secretary General.

She was awarded Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and Knight of the French National Order of the Legion d’Honneur and Knight of the Order of the Golden Lion of Senegal.

She was awarded the Seal of the Province of Trieste and the 300 year old Seal of the City of Trieste.

Etta has held important roles in the Administration of the family group Companies (Jutificio Triestino, Pastificio Triestino, Acciaierie Weissenfells spa, Forestale Weissenfels, Iddroelettricca Weissenfels an Weisscam spa). She was the head of the team for contacts with foreign countries and President of the real estate and agricultural company LTDA (posada cocoa cultivation) in Brazil.

She was Editorial Councilor “Friuli Venezia Giulia” and publisher of “Piccolo” and the “Messaggero Veneto” of the Espresso Group.

During the 1960s was amongst the founders of Uildm – Italian Union for the fight against muscular dystrophy – where she was active for ten years and created a prestigious base at Opicin. She has been one of the most active Councilors in the Italian Antipolio League.

Now she is Honorary General Secretary FCEM World Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Honorary National President AIDDA,

As of 2020 She is the sponsor of the Italian W20.

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